“The project team for ‘A Story of the St. Croix’ really enjoyed working with Songbird Audio Productions. Matt Kassanchuk and Songbird Audio Productions were action oriented and responsive; suggesting ideas and realistic solutions.  The quality of the educational songs, exhibit audio guides and the music production in general exceeded our expectations.”

- Beth Diem
Architect and project manager of “A Story of the Croix: Patterns of Change”

A little about our vision:

We do music.  We love music.  We live and breathe music. But we’ve found that the most rewarding thing about music is making it work for business growth. More “About us” later; let’s talk about you first:

Everybody knows that advertising is generally necessary to make a business grow.

But if you are that business, what you don’t know can hurt you.  Advertising, unless very well done, can hurt your image or, at the very least, it can hurt you in the pocketbook.

That is because broadcast media is always willing to provide you with “inexpensive” advertising.  “Inexpensive” advertising is not cheap.  That’s because advertising that doesn’t work is costing you money without giving you results.  In short, it’s the most expensive advertising in the world.

So, what should you be doing?

For starters, your broadcast message needs three things (if you listen to a few radio commercials and think about how well it engages you, you’ll see what we mean): 1) It needs to grab a listener’s attention. 2) It needs to engage a listener in its message. 3) It needs to be memorable.

Try this: Spend a day listening to radio commercials.  On the following day, try to identify just three of those advertisers and their message.  That is what your audience goes through every day.  That should be all the proof you need that most are NOT doing the job.

More “About us”:

We’re the people that use music to make business grow… because we know that there is probably not a single person on the planet that can hear a company’s broadcast commercial one day and have even a small clue about that company the next day.

Music is different.  It stands out; it engages people.  People don’t want to be sold; they want to be entertained.  So, we sell them by entertaining them.  And because we engage them in this way, they come to know the music they hear.  If that music happens to be part of your broadcast message, they will associate your company and your message with the music they’ve come to enjoy — and which they are likely to be singing or humming to themselves almost constantly.  And, when they are ready to buy your company’s product or services, guess where they will be coming?  Certainly not to that competitor that is trying to overwhelm them with verbiage.

Isn’t music grand?